Our Areas of Expertise

Founded by Dr. Clyde Dyson and his wife, Dariah, Pastoral Care & Counseling Services combines a Biblically-centered Christian-focus with traditional counseling that nurtures the body, mind, and soul that leads to a wholesome and mature Christian lifestyle.

Specializing in pre-marital and marital counseling, divorce recovery, singles care and grief counseling, the counselors at Pastoral Care and Counseling Services provide decades of experience to help you overcome the obstacles of life.


Marriage Counseling

We’ve all seen the marriage and divorce rate statistics, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a number. Equipping yourself with the tools necessary to strengthen your marriage will help you build a stronger foundation with your spouse as well as raise your awareness to those “red flags” that often break down communication. If you are struggling with your marriage, having trouble communicating with each other, or just need guidance to get you on the right track, Pastoral Care & Counseling Services is here to provide Christian-centered counseling to help your roots grow deep and your relationship to flourish.

Grief Counseling

Grief is associated with any kind of loss whether the death of a loved one, loss of a job, an illness, or divorce just to name a few. Your grief experience is unique and often rooted in your own culture. You may withdraw from friends and family when you need them most. You may be angry or even depressed. Whatever feelings you are having, we can help you identify the source as well as help you navigate the grieving process and arrive to feelings of hope and understanding.



Dr. Clyde Dyson is a veteran himself and understands the difficulties associated with military life, deployment, and the experience of war. Using that common ground, we can help you overcome the barriers that often prevent one from having a full, rich life. Often the family members of veterans go through similar experiences by nature of their relationship to the veteran. Our services are extended to members of the family who have unique and often overlooked experiences of their own as they deal with separation, deployment, etc.

Why Choose Us

      • Over 20 years pastoral care experience
      • Over 20 years military chaplaincy experience
      • Over 96,000 counseling sessions
      • Over 50 marriage events
      • Experience in hospital patient visitation, grief counseling, death and dying counseling
      • Proficient in couples’ dynamics, marriage therapy, Biblical application of marital principles

What Client’s Say

As a veteran, it was comforting talking to someone who understood the military experience, especially as they have been through deployment.
John P., Columbia, SC
As a newly married couple, building a strong foundation was important to us. It has been reassuring discussing our Christian beliefs coupled with traditional counseling!
Jackie C., Blythewood, SC
Thank You for getting back to me so quickly! I was expecting to wait but receiving your call so soon really got me through a tough time.
Della M., Lexington, SC